Our Mission is to set the tone and add-value to the visual media industry by continually innovating, providing uncompromising quality, and serving all people with excellence and transparency


Founded by a Husband and Wife team, Sky21 Media began by offering simple marketing services which quickly evolved into a full-commercial video production company. Today, Sky21 Media and it’s other brands continue to serve in over 20+ States with thousands of projects and events each year.



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Paul Bolton

Paul serves as President and is responsible for all aspects of the business by creating strategic value and opportunities throughout the organization. In his role as President, he has put initiatives forward that have resulted in the company doubling in size since it’s inception while maintaining a high-standard of quality.

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Amy Bolton

Amy serves as the CEO and oversees all front facing initiatives of the company including sales and customer service. She is widely known as “The Lady with the Million Dollar iPhone” due to the fact she made over a million plus in sales by simply transacting on her phone. Today she coaches on strategies that have led to the success of all the brands.

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Our Amazing Team

Joe Ankenbauer
General Manager

Meg Dalhke
Production Supervisor

Chris Velarde
Production Supervisor

Hayden Glass
Post-Production Supervisor

Victor Marks
Lead Cinematographer

Chantal Mitchell
Sr. Sales Consultant

Mindy Ardnt
Project Coordinator

Kyle Sharp
Project Coordinator

Mikey Arce
Production Associate

Ariana Hunter
Quality Control

Paulie Hidalgo
Production Assistant

Lauren Beltran
Adminintrative Assistant